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      Lilias uttered a faint cry, and put her arm round Esmeralda and kissed her.Of a temper, Lady Wyndover, said Mr. Pinchook, with the same long-suffering smile. I do not know whether most young girls are as trying as Miss Chetwynde; if so, I thank Heaven that I am still a bachelor.

      The triangular dinner-party was gayer that evening than it had been for a long time. Isola was in high spirits, and her husband was delighted at the change from that growing apathy which had so frightened him. The ladies had scarcely left the table when Captain Hulbert arrived, and was ushered into the dining-room, where Martin Disney was smoking his after-dinner pipe in the chimney corner[Pg 220]the old chimney corner of that original Angler's Nest, which had been a humble homestead two hundred years ago.They had turned down a hill, and were approaching West Wickham. The horses were going at a rattling pace; but he noticed, with an admiration that he could not withhold, that she kept them in hand firmly and with perfect ease.

      She hesitated a moment.

      Husband and wife stood facing each other, he anxious and alarmed, she deadly pale, and with gleaming eyes.Chafing at the delay, but unable to suggest anything better to be done, Hubert accompanied his uncle to the Hall. In the library they found a considerable party assembled, discussing Bergan's mysterious disappearance.

      I dont know, said Esmeralda. Yes, I suppose so.



      ECCO ROMA.


      He soon recollected himself, however; when, seeing that Carice still breathed, and was probably only stunned by her fall, he at once addressed himself to the consideration of the serious question what was to be done with her. She had fled suddenly, it would seem, led by some wild, uncontrollable impulse; nothing shielded her from chill or from observation but a nightdress and a light shawl; on one foot was a thin slipper, the other was bare and bleeding; and her dishevelled hair fell round her shoulders, some locks of which, he now noticed, were encrimsoned by blood flowing from a deep cut in her head."Nothing," answered his wife. "It's just a delicate constitution, that's all. She's like one of those grape hyacinths[Pg 206] that never will stand upright in a vase. The stem isn't strong enough."