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      Larsen, why arent you by your airplane? demanded Mr. Whiteside.She laughed scornfully. "It ain't me that asked them to take me in," she said; "I'm as glad to go as they are to have me." She wore a calico wrapper that Cairness had bought for her, and other garments that had been gathered together in the town. Now she put a battered sombrero on her head, and told him she was ready.

      This will. The agent from London thought it likely that some attempt would be made to get the jewels. He proposed to see whether it would be made by professionals or by some one working for me. He thought my wife or I had the intention of robbing ourselvesmaking the gems disappear until we could collect the insurance. When he couldnt make up his mind which was most likelyprofessionals or amateurs hired by ushe thought of trying to get the jewelsand that meant

      And later in the day, when the buck had shuffled off again, Cairness brought out his pony,a new one now, for the little pinto one had died of a rattlesnake bite, from which no golondrina weed had been able to save it,and saddled it. Then he went again into the cabin. There was but one thing there that he valued,a life-size head of Felipa he had done in charcoal. It was in a chest beneath his cot. He locked his chest, and going out locked the door also, and putting both keys upon a ring, mounted and rode off along the trail.And Cairness himself was startled and utterly unprepared when the Reverend Taylor opened the door of the room where he lay and let her pass in. The little parson uttered no word, but there was a look on his face which said that now the questions he had put with no result were answered. It was for this that Cairness had given the best of his life.


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      That-there time, Jeff might say, when the caretaker playing mechanic and pulling down the prop till the engine catches, didnt you open up the throttle too wide? Better to open it just enough to give the engine gas to carry along onand even cut the gun a bit more to let it run fairly slow till it warms up. Turning her up to full eighteen hundred revs dont gain while shes cold, and it throws dust like sin!


      Had that been all he had to comprehend Larrys first control job would have been simple. There was much more to watchthe tachometer, to keep track of engine speed; the air speed was learned by watching the indicator on the wing of that particular type of airplane; the position of the nose with relation to the horizon had to be constantly noted and a tendency to rise or lower had to be corrected: little uprushes or warm air made the airplane tilt a trifle to one side or the other and ailerons had to be used to bring it back, the stick had to be returned to neutral gently at exactly the point of level flight after such correction and not sent to the other side or the craft tipped the other way and opposite aileron had to be applied; then there was the chosen point such as a church steeple, tall tree or other landmark selected as a point on the course to hold the nose onthat must be watched and a touch of rudder given if the craft deviated from its straight line.There was one who had done so now. The troops looking up at him, rejoiced. He was crucified upon an[Pg 135] improvised cross of unbarked pine branches, high up at the top of a sheer peak of rock. He stood out black and strange against the whitish blue of the sky. His head was dropped upon his fleshless breast, and there was a vulture perched upon it, prying its hooked bill around in the eye sockets. Two more, gorged and heavy, balanced half asleep upon points of stone.