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      All this occupied the searchers quite a while. They threw his stuff about regardless of his protests.V2 opportunities and set in action the forces that have planted English homes in every clime, and dotted the earth with English garrisons and posts of trade.

      As soon as it was safe to do so, she picked her way out over the broken floor of the wharf. The piles were gnawed and broken, and the pushing of the ice during many seasons had given the whole structure a rakish cant towards the Bay. Pen dropped over the side into an inch or two of water and gingerly picked her way towards the tent.

      Pendleton returned with Aunt Maria. Pen was aware of Ellick's and Theodo's black faces peering in at the windows. This interfered with her plans.

      Shouting the battle cry of freedom.

      'right--face!' 075


      Pen's instinct began to show her the way. "How did he get that name?" she asked casually.



      As Riever talked on she began to see how he reconciled villainy and sentiment in his mind.She pulled him after her towards the stairs. She made no allowance for his unfamiliarity with the place, and he fell over the bottom step with a clatter. Don went rigid. Pen laughed as women do in the dark.