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      "I have plenty of summer frocks," said Allegra. "So really there is only my travelling gown to see about, that is to say, the gown I am to be married in.""I can't help wishing I could be a Papist just for that one day," she said lightly. "An Anglican marriage seems so dry and cold compared with the pomps and splendours of Rome."

      There are bees, missI beg pardonmy lady; ever so many hives, and the garden is beautiful, and so are the lanes. And its quite out of the world; Im sure your ladyship will be delighted with it. I heard his lordship say that he had never seen a more beautiful little place.

      "I kissed him when he was born," she murmurs, half apologetically, to Bergan, "and there will be no kiss on his dead lips, unless I leave it there."They went down to the great drawing-room. Lilias, Trafford, and Selvaine were already there. Trafford came forward, and said a few words to Esmeralda.

      And its quite the right shade, too, miss; such a beautiful color.

      She took off his hat, and put her flower-bedecked one in its place; and, strange to say, Varleys remarkable good looks came through even this severe test triumphantly.



      "Dinner-parties! Oh, those are a long way off. We are not likely to be asked to any parties while we are wandering about Italy. I can get a gown when I go home."


      With a large sum of money, continued Lord Selvaine, we could recover ourselves. The mortgages could be paid off. Belfayre could expand itself; in short, the family could hold up its head again, and you, my dear Traff, instead of being the heir to one of the oldest titles and an ocean of debts and incumbrances, would be a real duke with a real dukedom.