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      "What cause?" Pen asked quickly.

      Before midnight the English had made good progress in their redoubts and intrenchments, had brought cannon up the heights to defend them, planted a battery on the C?te Ste.-Genevive, descended into the meadows of the St. Charles, and taken possession of the General Hospital, with its crowds of sick and wounded. Their 305

      "We're facing north now," said Pen. "That pale glow in the clouds is the reflection of the lights of Washington, seventy miles from here."

      "They'd probably say we wuz earning our a month, with 0 bounty at the end o' three years.," snapped Shorty, who was in no mood for irrelevant conversation.




      Bishop Pontbriand, himself fast sinking with mortal disease, attended his death-bed and administered the last sacraments. He died peacefully at four o'clock on the morning of the fourteenth. He was in his forty-eighth year.Si saw at once the great convenience a hatchet and a frying-pan would be, and added them to his kit. An energetic dealer in tinware succeeded in selling him, before he reached the depot, a cunning little coffee-pot and an ingenious combination of knife, fork and spoon which did not weigh more than a pound.