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      With the rigid self-control that always characterized him, therefore, he now put aside, as far as might be, his own hopes and plans, and set himself diligently to the work of completing the will, in accordance with the Major's instructions, and to his entire satisfaction. He did not even move a muscle when, in due time, the Major dictated a paragraph to the effect that if Carice should not survive him, or should die without issue, the estate should fall to a distant cousin, now in Europe, whose sole claim to his consideration appeared to be that he bore the family name. The doctor was proof against any further shocks, this evening. Fate had done her worst for him, in forcing him to write "Carice Bergan," where he had confidently expected to write "Astra Lyte," and to find his account in so doing.

      "I was not utterly wicked, Martin. I did not sin deliberatelyI did not know what I was doing when I wrecked my life and destroyed my peace of mind for ever. I never meant to forget youor to be false to youbut I was so lonelyso lonely. The days were so dreary and so longeven the short autumn days seemed longand the evenings were so melancholy without you. And he came into my life suddenlylike a prince in a fairy taleand at first I thought very little about him. He was nothing more to me than any one else in Trelascoand then somehow we were always meeting by accidentin the lanesor by the seaand he seemed to care for all the things I cared for. The books I loved were his favourites. For a long time we talked of nothing but his travels, and of my favourite books. There was not a word spoken between us that you or any one else could blame.""More excuse, perhaps, than a man of your age has for acting like a cad," said the colonel, turning upon his heel, and leaving Mr. Crowther to his reflections.

      "You will like to go, won't you, Isola?" he asked her[Pg 204] tenderly, as they drove back to the station alone, leaving Mr. Baynham to follow his own devices in the town. "You will enjoy seeing the places we saw together when our marriage was still a new thing?"

      She had expected to seewell, what Mr. Pinchook had expected to seea rough, uncouth, gauche girl, eloquent of the backwoods and savagery. But this slim, graceful girl, with her red-gold hair and star-like eyes smashed Lady Wyndovers fancy picture into smithereens. She stood and gazed at her, and Esmeralda gazed back with a grave and steady regard which disconcerted even Lady Wyndover.

      A footman in dark green livery and rice powder opened the door. Mrs. Hazelrigg was at home. He led the way to one of those dismal rooms which are to be found in most fine housesa room rarely used by the familya kind of pound for casual visitors. Sometimes the pound is as cold and cheerless as a vestry in a new Anglican church; sometimes it affects a learned air, lines its walls with books that no one ever reads, and calls itself a library. Whatever form or phase it may take, it never fails to chill the visitor.


      "Yes, with windows opening on the second piazza."


      "Why!" exclaimed Bergan, "the will was a forgery, then!"He did not smile at her innocence.


      "I give and bequeath," said he, slowly, "my house known as Bergan Hall, with all the lands thereto pertaining, including the rice-plantation known as 'Number Two;' also my three houses in the town of Berganton; also my block in the city of Savannah; also my negroes, horses, mills, and plantation implements; also, my household furniture and other personal property, including all bonds, mortgages, moneys, and all other property whereof I die possessed, to-"