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      Jeff is silly, she said with some annoyance. There are no such things.

      "I heard the Adjutant say," said one of his comrades, "that we'd come just six miles."

      The other boys, after a severe struggle, had caught Mrs. Bolster-Hackberry and put her back in the cabin. After a brief consultation, it was decided to hold their ground until daylight. They could get into the cabin, and by using it as a fortification, stand off a big crowd of enemies. The rest of the boys were sent inside to punch out loop-holes between the logs, and make the place as defensible as possible. Si and Shorty were to stay outside and observe.Before the lowered landing wheels of the amphibian touched the private landing field, after a flight delayed by the need of more fuel, Larry saw his chums waiting by the hangar.

      "Jest my infernal luck," gasped Shorty. "I would talk, an' I got some down the wrong way.

      Somebodys on the winghes jumping clear! shouted Dick."You run in unt order us to surrender. I'll jump up unt blaze away with my revolver, but you needn't pay much attention to meonly be careful not to shoot me. While you are 'tending to Bolivar I'll get on my horse unt skip out. You can kill Bolivar, or take him back to camp with you, or do anything that you please, so long's you keep him away from Tullahoma. You understand, now?"

      "All depends on the mules," answered Si cheerily. "If this sudden spell o' goodness holds out we may get there before evening."

      The Deacon was too astonished and angry to reply. Words utterly failed him in such a crisis.


      Shorty had at once been taken to the hearts of everyone, and all the older men urged him to "come back here as soon as the war's over, marry a nice girl, and settle down among us."


      The man did not respond.